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with Angel Richards


You are already on your journey right now- healing journey, self love journey, spiritual journal, clutter free journey and

it shows. Your thoughts are becoming more positive. You’re feeling better emotionally. You’re making better decisions.


And at the same time, the old you is resisting some things…


You're ready to unlock your breakthrough but sometimes you still struggle with letting go, people pleasing here

and there, back peddling on your boundaries, playing small and dimming your light, believing in yourself

off and on, ending up at the bottom of your priorities list and putting your goals on the back burner. 


Every change I've created and every transformation I’ve experienced has required my own permission.
As women who have been through so much, we
have to give ourselves the "green light" nobody
else is going to give us.

Permission to be a priority in your own life

vs putting everyone first.

Permission to be loved correctly vs settling

for less than you deserve.

Permission to pivot in your career vs staying

stuck on an unfulfilling path.

Permission to pursue your purpose vs doing

what everyone expects of you.

Permission to be your authentic self vs seeking

validation and acceptance.

Permission to live unapologetically vs making

everyone else happy. 

And that's just to name a few of the ways you might be holding yourself back from EVOLVING, ELEVATING & EXPANDING into the best version of YOU.


So if you’re doing all the things to improve your self & your life, yet and still, you feel some resistance, struggle with making lasting changes and are fearful to step fully into your next level...I got you!


At the ELEVATE YOUR LIFE breakthrough day we will focus on...

Eliminating the clutter in key areas of your life, especially

the things you've normalized

Learning your life lessons so you can finally "past the test"

and "graduate" to your next level

Embracing where you are now, while working intentionally towards where you want to be

Visualizing what you really want and strengthening your

ability to manifest dreams & desires

Aligning with your vision and holding it no matter what life throws your way (because it will)

Taking consistent action, even if you're unmotivated, scared

or imposter syndrome shows up

Embodying your highest and best self, letting go of what

no longer serves purpose in your life

Get ready to immerse yourself in a 3 hour transformational experience with my ELEVATE framework + get simple tips, tools & techniques you can use to stay on track beyond this breakthrough day.

This is the midyear RESET you need to REFOCUS, get REIGNITED and feel RECONNECTED to your self, goals and purpose on a whole new level.



"You are blowing my mind with your insight and over the top support. Again, I’m so thankful I have you as my coach. Just being connected to you gives me such a sense of clarity which is up leveling my sense of confidence in my ability. The vision is clear and I can truly run with it. THANKS!"


"This program forced me to take a deep look at myself. My mind and heart had been cluttered for so long over so many things that I was holding on to and needed to let go. Not looking for any “flaws” just paying attention to what I have been doing, what I am currently doing, what I wanted to change and what needed to change in order for me to improve and be a better me."


"You have truly exceeded expectations on the transformation that has taken place in my life in such a short time frame. I feel like a different person. I have learned so much about myself that I can’t stop talking about it! I’m less stressed and I’m more at peace. I can’t wait to tell someone else who is looking for change to get in on the journey- to a place of clarity, purpose and direction!"
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